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I may not be a fan of 80’s anthems, but this one seems fitting for today, as today as the final day of this year’s Summer Reading Program! If you have any unclaimed prizes that you’ve earned, today is your final chance to claim them! Do not let all that questing be for nought!

The last of the wrap-up parties will be held today at Pontiac at 3pm. There will be cake and an ice cream sundae bar, free to all who attend!

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Don’t forget to sign up for the 2013 Young Adult Summer Chess Tournament! The deadline for registration is Friday, July 26th at 6:00 pm. Come out and enjoy free, friendly competition with other teens your age, as well as eat pizza and possibly win a trophy!

If you haven’t picked up a form yet, click on the link below to download one. You can return it to any ACPL library location.

ACPL YA chess tournament reg 2013

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Have you been making anything lately?  Would you like to publicly share evidence of its existence?  Would you like to earn some XP points for your Summer Quest?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you should consider uploading some of your work to the Commons!

Here are some of the best visual pieces we’ve gotten so far…

"Spiky Flower" by Lisbeth N.

“Spiky Flower” by Lisbeth N.

"Tea for Three" by Anna R. (it's still unfinished!)

“Tea for Three” by Anna R. (it’s still unfinished!)

"Clay Art 1" by Rachael K.

“Clay Art 1” by Rachael K.

"Minecraft" by Noah J.

“Minecraft” by Noah J.




There have been some great sketches of still life subjects…








…and fictional originals!










There have been some photographs of intricate clay pieces…







…and some digital renderings of characters, landscapes, and abstract shapes!

Don’t forget, if visual art isn’t your thing, we also have sections for poetry, short stories, stories about your summer questing, book reviews, science experiments, songs, and even videos!

 (Warning, this book review contains some spoilers!)

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their stuff so far!  It’s all wonderful, and it’s always nice to see how tech-savvy our teens are!

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cake2If you want to try your hand at something new, creative and crafty, Woodburn is the place to be this Wednesday at 4:00! Try out your cake decorating skills while using different frosting tips to create designs on a piece of cake you can take home.

Don’t worry, if you can’t make it to Woodburn for this event, there are several other opportunities for you to try your hand at cake decorating.

7/10 — Little Turtle Branch, 3:00 pm

7/11 — Dupont Branch, 3:00 pm

7/17 — Young Adults at Main Library, 2:00 pm

7/23 — Hessen Cassel Branch, 2:00 pm

7/26 — Monroeville Branch, 2:00 pm

We hope to see you there, and we hope you have a great time! If you would like help finding additional resources about cake decorating, just leave a comment below or ask a reference librarian for assistance.

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How’s your summer reading coming along?  ACPL has been very busy with this year’s Summer Reading Program!  In fact, we’ve given out roughly 2,000 prize books to readers in the 6th grade through senior year of high school so far!

So, if we were to stack all these books up, assuming that the average width of a book’s spine is about an inch…

It’d be about the same height of the Anthony Wayne Bank Building (51 meters)…

Anthony Wayne Bank Building

…about the same height as Niagara Falls (167 feet)…

Niagara Falls

…and about the same height as a stack of about 51 Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft Block

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Are you a fan of the show Project Runway? More importantly, do you just like to have fun?

If you’ve seen the show, you know the designers are challenged each week to design an outfit for a special occasion or around a certain theme. A few times they have even constructed clothing out of recycled materials and Clothesnewspapers.

That will be the Teen Thursday challenge this week, June 27th, at the Waynedale and New Haven branches! Teams will create medieval newspaper clothing – think gowns or suits of armor with weapon accessories – and there will be a walk-off and voting to decide on the winner!

The fun starts at Waynedale at 2:30 pm, and at New Haven at 3:30 pm.

If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post or contact the Waynedale branch at 260-421-1365, or the New Haven branch at 260-421-1345.

Waynedale Branch Library
2200 Lower Huntington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46819

New Haven Branch Library
648 Green Street
New Haven, IN 46774-1681
Phone: (260) 421-1345

And don’t worry, if you can’t make it out to Waynedale for this event, many of our other branches will be hosting Medieval Project Runway as well.


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How is your summer quest progressing?  If I could participate, I would have earned my first prize by now.  I have 250 points for reading this week.  I have 30 points for doing a good deed,  (I can only remember one that wasn’t part of my normal job description.)  40 points for attending a library event, 10 points for downloading a library ebook and 100 points for this blog entry.  I even have a (really bad) 5 second video of a brushbot that I took while trying to figure out how to use my phone’s video function.  The brushbot event at Dupont was a very exciting and fun activity. Take a toothbrush, cut off the handle, trim the bristles, glue on a motor and a battery, decorate with anything you want, and the fun begins!  All in all I really like my Summer Quest!  I hope you think it’s great, too!

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