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I may not be a fan of 80’s anthems, but this one seems fitting for today, as today as the final day of this year’s Summer Reading Program! If you have any unclaimed prizes that you’ve earned, today is your final chance to claim them! Do not let all that questing be for nought!

The last of the wrap-up parties will be held today at Pontiac at 3pm. There will be cake and an ice cream sundae bar, free to all who attend!

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One of the great things about summer is the ability to go on road trips and vacations with family. For some, though, spending a ton of hours in the car can be frustrating.

As I was planning for my Memorial Day weekend trip to Virginia, I got to thinking that downloading some fun apps and games onto my iPad would be a good idea. I will be stuck in the backseat of the car for about 24 hours over the span of 3 days, and despite the fact that we will be surrounded by the beautiful mountains, boredom is sure to set in. Why don’t I read a book, you may ask? Well, I am plagued by one of the worst things to take with you on vacation: car sickness.

If my situation sounds familiar to something you will face with your family in the next few weeks or months, check out these resources that will help you find the best games and apps for your electronic mobile devices. Is your device not covered by the articles below? Leave us a comment and we will find more resources that fit your needs!


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